The Ultimate Guide To Enjoy Laffaire The Right Way

When it comes to taste and aroma, brandy is a drink that demands attention to both. Whether you drink it as a cocktail, neat, or on the rocks, a little knowledge about brandy and its nuances can considerably enhance the experience.


Although brandy by itself has a strong flavour, one of the common methods used to enhance the taste is heating. This can be done either by holding the glass and letting the warmth from your palms transfer onto the brandy or by simply adding hot water to it. Some turn it up a notch and even place the glass directly over the flame.


As the aroma can be overwhelming while drinking, brandy is sniffed at three lengths before being tasted. It is first held at the chest level to take in the floral notes of the drink. The second step is to hold it closer to chin level, this allows the person to take in the aroma of the dried fruits. And finally one must hold it directly under the nose. Smelling before and while drinking is highly recommended as it accentuates the quality of the drink.


Brandy needs to be consumed in small sips to ensure that the taste doesn’t become overwhelming. If more than one brandy is being tasted, start with the younger ones and gradually move to the older ones. This warms up your taste buds and olfactory senses, allowing for a richer tasting.

4.Mix it

Younger, inexpensive brandies usually lack the intense flavour and aroma that older brandies have. This means that younger brandies are better enjoyed when made into cocktails by mixing it with other drinks. This allows connoisseurs to make cocktails like the sidecar made from brandy, liquor and lemon juice, and the metropolitan, made from brandy and vermouth.

5.Eat it

Brandy is a Christmas special and is popularly used in traditional foods such as the Christmas cake. It is also poured over the Christmas pudding which is later set on fire. The flame uses up most of the alcohol, leaving the pudding with a unique, smoky flavour. Apart from being a Christmas delight, it is also used to roast ingredients for dishes as well as flambé them.

A fine 3-year-old brandy distilled using the traditional pot still method, L’Affaire manages to create magic with every sip. Experience the magic with these tips.