Snifter: The Glass Makes All The Difference

Classy men usually end their day with a fine drink, and it’s always served in a glass that’s as fine as the drink. The Snifter is one of the ideal glasses that all enthusiasts swear by. This glass is a type of stemware, a short-stemmed glass whose vessel has a wide bottom and a relatively narrow top. It is mostly used to serve aged brown spirits such as bourbon, brandy, and whisky.


Although the glass is found in paintings like the Last Supper in the 16th century. The 20th century only knows it by well-to-do fictional and historical figures like Winston Churchill and James Bond. The Ancient Egyptians reportedly created the glass for ritualistic practices - a goblet-shaped glass made of gold to purify dead bodies.


This elegant glass has a unique design, the large surface area allows the liquid it holds to evaporate slowly, while the narrow top traps the aroma inside the glass. The rounded bottom allows the drinker to cup the glass with their palms, making it easier to warm the liquor. Then, it's simply a matter of gently raising the glass to take in a whiff of the aromas before taking a sip. The graceful design adds a nice touch of class to the presentation of your favourite spirit.


The snifter also comes with variations, like thepipe snifter, which includes a tiny, beak-like pour spout protruding from one edge. Some others come with an elongated pour spout that looks similar to that of a tea kettle. Some of the top graded snifters include the Ravenscroft Balloon Snifter, Norman Copenhagen cognac glass, Riedel Vinum Cognac glass.


The snifter allows the drinker to slowly heat the glass over a stove directly thereby increasing the brandy’s temperature making it perfect for consumption. It also provides a heightened olfactory sensation to the drinker. This enhanced sensory experience makes the drink much more enjoyable and perfect.

Although L’Affairestill tastes amazing when consumed in a tulip glass, the snifter simply elevates the overall drinking experience.