Old Fashioned Dads, Gentlemen, And A Splash Of Brandy

A father’s charm has no bounds. A lot of us don't appreciate what we have until it's too late. Perceiving the world through a dad’s eye is definitely life changing. It must be amazing to watch their children grow into better versions of themselves.

Some dads never had a precious heirloom to pass on - they consider themselves lucky to even have hair. As they grow older, their responsibilities increase, raising their children to be future leaders, making sure everyone has just about enough, and sticking with their family in hard times.

Growing up, we try out their oversized wedding suit. Burn our eyes with their musk aftershave lotion. Enrich our palate with their poorly hidden alcohol reserve. Beg for forgiveness after a major fight. The enduring dad takes it all, and continues to support the family.

This unsung hero in our life is an innocent spectator that takes all the blame. Even when mum’s favourite show-pieces were accidentally destroyed by your stray football. He remained the voice of reason when we needed advice. The calm soul and gentle wave who proudly poured us our first drink when we grew older. Legacies may vary from man to man but one main quality that fathers are determined to impart to their sons is the art of being a gentleman. Though seemingly simple, raising a boy to be a gentleman is not always easy as it often involves taking the high road, exercising humility, and laying one’s ego bare before others. Dads have always had the ability to make even the most daunting situations seem manageable, forever reassuring their loved ones that nothing is ever truly out of your reach.

This Father’s Day, show your old man some sincere appreciation and pour him a classic drink celebrating him. Here’s a recipe we recommend.

You'll need:

• 60ml of L'Affaire Premium French Brand
• A dash of Angostura bitters
• 90 ml of grapefruit sod
• A maraschino cherry
• Some lemon and orange slices to garnish


• Fill up a glass with ice
• Add brandy, angostura bitters and grape soda
• Add a maraschino cherry
• Cover with a cocktail shaker
• Garnish with lemon and orange slices

Think of a better reason to open up and share an old fashioned with your dad? Do let us know how much you loved his company.