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Notice to Unsecured Creditors of Unibev Limited

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Teaming Up To Be The Biggest

Former USL MD Vijay Rekhi has established new competition for the Indian premium liquor market. Teaming up with Globus Spirits, the biggest bulk liquor producer in the country, his new joint venture Unibev is already making waves in South India
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Fine Brandy, Whisky, And More Whisky

India’s premium liquor market just upgraded with Vijay Rekhi’s new venture, Unibev. Láffaire is a fine specimen of 3-year-old brandy; Governor’s Reserve from Premium Grain Whisky and Oakton is made from Barrel-aged Scotch, blended with the finest Indian Malts.
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Escalate ,Then Raise The Bar

Raising the bar at Bengaluru with his principles of leadership. Here's to Vijay Rekhi, former MD at USL and proud owner of UNIBEV
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The Indomitable Spirit Of Vijay Rekhi

Here's an entrepreneur who started up and expanded at a humble age of 70. Vijay Rekhi and his indomitable spirit.
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Memorable moments may be forged over drinks from the House of Unibev. We would like to take a sobering moment to remind you to never operate a running motor vehicle or machinery under the influence and to always drink in moderation.