Brandy Alexander: The Creamy Coco-Brandy Cocktail to Impress Your Special Person

The Brandy Alexander is a popular cocktail, known to be John Lennon’s favourite drink. This drink fuses the love for chocolate, crème and brandy in one perfect drink as smooth as jazz. Although the origin is unknown, some say it was created at the royal wedding of Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles in London. Others say the drink was named after Alexander Woollcott and Russian Tsar Alexander II; we may never know, but whoever mixed it first definitely had a sweet tooth. To make this mix you’ll need: Let’s get started: Step one: Pour 60 ml of L’affaire Premium French Brandy into the shaker Step two: Add 30 ml of crème da cacao and 30 ml of cream, maintaining the 2:1:1 ratio strong>Step three: Shake the blend well enough to turn it into a smoothie Step four: Strain the mixture Step five: Garnish the cocktail in a chilled stiffener glass with freshly grated nutmeg. The Brandy Alexander is indeed like the Alexander which is made from gin. The beautiful blend is a great conversation starter during dates or even as a nightcap drink with that special someone. The anonymity of the drink’s origin adds to the mystery, and connoisseurs around the world are known to celebrate the drink during occasions like Christmas and Hanukkah.