8 Types Of Brandy Your Friends Never Told You About

Ever tasted brandy that fills your palate with the richness of apricots and figs, and smells like butterscotch and liquorice? Armagnac, a rare brandy from the Gascony region of France is probably the greatest of the French spirits, but you’ve probably only heard of its close relative, the Cognac. Here are a few brandies you must taste as a connoisseur of fine spirits

1. Cognac

Only produced in the Cognac region of France, a sip of this drink allows you to savour the flavour of grapes aged in oak barrels that bloom into dried fruit and spice. It makes for wonderful cocktails like The Old-school Sazerac.

2. Armagnac

Oozing with fruity flavours such as prunes, quince and apricots, this single distilled brandy is a rare find. Rougher at first with a lot of character, this brandy is aged in white oak barrels for decades until the spirit is tamed and softened to become marvelously nuanced.

3. American Brandy

Distilled from the amazing wines of California and Oregon with wider varieties of grapes, this brandy resembles the Cognac. Although the brandy is aged in oak, it may not be good as its French cousins, but is available at a fraction of the price of all Cognacs.

4. Brandy de Jerz

The Spanish brandy makers created this wonderful drink with robust flavours of dried fruits and nuts. Different batches are constantly blended to create a liquor as potent as a ten-year-old brandy.

5. Calvados

A drink with a rich heritage, it is only produced in the lower part of Normandy by distilling fresh apples. Aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years, it leaves one’s palate with unique notes of caramel, and has a significant apple scent.

6. Applejack Brandy

Originally made by freezing apple cider, the unrefined, wild taste of Calvados remade on American soil has a heartier flavour of apples. This absolutely delicious brandy may be a little rough around the edges but is perfect for cocktails with a sweet and sour base.

7. Pisco

Produced in parts of South America like Chile and Peru, by distilling fresh grapes, it is aged in glass or metal containers instead of oak wood barrels, making it taste like grape scented vodka.

8. Eaux de Vie

Created as a brandy digestive, this clear liquor isn't aged at all. Made with apples, pears, plums and peaches to intensify its flavours, this brandy is best drunk as cocktails like the Poire Bomb.

Although it might not be easy to get your hands on some of the varieties mentioned here, you could start your affair with brandy with a glass of L’Affaire - a classic blend of the finest 3-year old brandy from the famous grape growing regions of France and Indian grape spirits. Distilled using the traditional ‘Pot Still’ method, this oak matured brandy is truly meant for connoisseurs and enthusiasts of fine brandy.