5 Smooth Mixers For Your L’Affaire

Brandy is a mature drink, fit for every occasion. This refined version of wine emits a classic aroma and provides the drinker with an overwhelming taste. Even the grip on the glass contributes to the flavourful taste of the brandy. The heat delivered to the drink by the palms of your hands gives it the intensifying flavour. Brandy has a fine luscious scent that lingers all day long.

Combine a little brandy with any of the mixers below for a mind blowing palate experience.

To savour the sweet, sour and sharp blend of French brandy, citric juice is a great first choice.

Cut a lemon in half along with a thin strip to garnish. Place a quarter slice of lemon at the edge of the. For a more sour variant, just squeeze another half lemon into the mix. Pour in the brandy and follow up with a sprinkle of sugar and ice cubes. A fine citric flavour and L’Affaire makes the classic sidecar, leaving your palate simply amazed.

Orange Juice

Brandy with a tangerine blend is a great Sunday drink. The rich taste of pulpy orange seasoning delivers a citric twist for the drink. This amazing combination makes cocktails as famous as most cocktails you’re likely to find at upscale bars.


Three parts of brandy, mixed with a portion of orange juice, or orange liqueur. Served with ice and orange strips for elegance makes this wonderful drink.

Cranberry juice

This combination is the ideal drink for Thanksgiving. L’Affaire blends easily with cranberries to create a sweet colourful luster.


The berry juice is blended with brandy and enriched with a twist of lime. Add any fruity essence to the mix with ice and lemon to bring an alternative scent to its flavours.

Lime juice

Brandy based margaritas were born from this mix of lime juice. It has the power to tone down the sweet aroma of the drink and contribute to its other, subtler flavours. The drink can be savored in a wide glass with a salted rim. For an enhanced olfactory experience, add another squeeze of lime to make this an offbeat winter drink.